Music Studio

Our acoustically treated studio in Ruzafa is available for rehearsals, recording, and lessons. You can find our equipment list and rates below.

The studio is open for use from 10am – 20:00

Have a language preference? We speak English, Spanish, and Italian.

Need more space? We can also record within our bajo. The studio can be reconfigured to your needs; if you don’t need the Turntable and Synths or Drums, they can be moved out to accommodate you.

Gear List

Synths and Controllers

  • Numark NS7II – Serato Installed on Mac Pro (For use with your laptop, please install upgrade drivers for Mac OS)
  • Arturia Mini Brute 2 Analog Synth
  • Korg wireless MIDI Controller
  • Korg FM Synthesizer
  • Numark Mini USB scratch controller
  • Korg Volca Sampler OKGO edition
  • Numark Orbit wireless controller
  • Keith McMillan Quneo Controller
  • Korg Mini Delay Synth

Guitar and amps

  • Fender Precision Bass 1970’s (extra charge for use)
  • Blackstar 100W ID Core guitar amp with built in effects
  • Hartke HD25 Bass Amp
  • Small Greek Bouzouki 6 string


  • Shure Beta 52
  • Shure SM 57 x 3
  • Shure KSM 32 x 2
  • SE 7
  • AKG P170 x 2
  • Sennheiser 609 silver
  • Shure SM 7B
  • Shure KSM 44
  • Sennheiser e604 x 3
  • Sonarworks SoundID Reference Mic

Drums And Percussion

  • Alesis DM10 MKII Pro Kit with Double Kick pedal
  • Assorted Latin percussion toys and instruments

Recording and Software

  • Mac Pro
  • MBox Pro 2 4 channel (additional available if needed)
  • Focusrite Red 8ch Pre (coming)
  • AVID Artist Control
  • M-Audio BX8 and Sub (to be replaced)
  • Ableton Live 11
  • Pro Tools 2021
  • Plugins and Ilok (Click here for our list)
  • Virtual Instruments
  • Serato
  • Max MSP

RATES and services

For multiple days and lockout, please contact us

  • Use of space 1-4 people. No Recording.
Recording Studio – No Engineer
  • Recording/Mixing/Post
Recording Studio – With Engineer
  • Recording/Mixing/Post and Pro Engineer
Space Rental
  • For teaching music lessons
Full Day Recording – No Engineer
  • Full day, provide your own engineer. 20% Discount
Full Day – With Pro Engineer
  • With Engineer. 20% Discount

additional services

  • Mastering (contact for rates)
  • Videography of Recording and Performance
  • 360 degree Videography
  • Live Streaming

More questions?