The Space

Situated in russafa on calle denia, our space is more than a place to work or make; it’s a place for Community and collaboration.

What do we have?

Communal Work tables for CoWorking and events

Kitchenette with Superautomatic Coffee Maker, Tea, Microwave, Refrigerator

WoodWorking Area complete with hand and power tools

Fabrication area with 2 3D Printers, CNC, Laser Cutter

Lounge area with arcade table, Retro Games, PS4, TV

Painting station with ventilation

Air Compressor and tools/attachment

Outdoor patio with table, fish pond

Equipment for film and events

Studio for Music recording and Mixing and Post


We have the space and tools to woodwork, 3D print, Laser cut and engrave, film, record and compose music or podcasts, weld, paint, or to have a spot to work every day. Our clients are artists, modellers, makers, and musicians.

You can also rent the space for your event or host a workshop or class at reasonable rates. We do not take ‘visibility’ as payment.

What else do you do?

We host events, rent space, produce external events and teach.