Artist Residency Program

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Fall Artist in Residence (October-December) : Lenny Brusse (Netherlands)

Our Past Artists in residence:

Jean Sophie-Kim : Music (CAN, USA)

Fall Artist in Residence (September) : Yaroslav Chernysh – Music (Ukraine)

Who are we?

Note: When submitting, be as specific with your plan as possible. Vague or unprofessional proposals will not be considered.

We are Curiosibot Lab, located in beautiful Valencia, Spain in the artistic neighborhood of Russafa. We are a facility catering to creatives in media, music, and interaction. Opened and operated by Curiosibot, we have shown installations at Maker Faire, Sonar, TOA, and other venues. Our space is friendly and runs on the spirit of collaboration. Our space is a bajo of 110sq meters located in the center of Valencia.  

Duration of Residency 

1-3 months

Description of Residency

The residency consists of an artist developing an idea in order to present or release. This concept should have a clear plan for production and execution. The artist will have access to equipment and tools to build their project, as well as technical and artistic mentorship from the staff. In the instance of an installation or performance, the space may be used as a venue for the work. 

We are looking for artists in the disciplines of: 

  • Music: Creation of an album or EP, Creation of a Music NFT or Mixed Reality or Metaverse Performance. We particularly look for musicians doing innovative releases or using new technologies in their music production.
  • VR and AR: creation of a VR or AR experience or 360 video
  • Interaction and Media Art: creation of an installation, video or AV project, interactive performance or installation using sensors and microcontrollers, creation of multimedia NFT, creation of musical instrument or controller, wearable technology 

 What is provided 

The artist will have a desk in the space and access to the tools, studio, and machines as well as mentorship and guidance. These tools include 3d printers, a laser cutter, woodworking tools and other tools, a recording studio(with video editing capability), live sound setup, electronics bench, and video production, AV, and VR+360 equipment. Prototyping equipment and sensors are also available. For more information, our inventory is online here: Housing is available for €300/month on-site.

Fees and Funding

At this moment, we do not have funding for the program, although we hope to in the future. The artist must provide their own funding. Programs such as Culture Moves Europe and ACA(For Spanish Residents or visitors) provide support for artist mobility and the selected artist may apply for these programs. We aim to make the selection so that the artist(s) have time to apply for this funding. Special funding is available for Eastern Europeans and Ukraine.

Monthly fee of €120 for facility use. If accommodation is needed, there is on-site living that can be rented at a subsidized cost. We can also provide links and suggestions for rooms in the city.


The artist must have a clear concept with a plan of finishing within the time frame. This can be a project that is already in progress, but the idea is to present the finished work in the form of a live or virtual performance, release, or presentation relevant to the work. The final work does not need to be presented in the lab, it can be at a festival or other venue of the artist’s choosing. 

    Application Information

Please fill out the Google Form with your CV, portfolio, and project proposal no more than one page long. Any questions should be emailed to

We especially invite female and underrepresented applicants as well as applicants with an interest in spending time in Valencia or Spain to learn more about the culture.


All applicants must be 18 years of age or older. All applicants must currently or must be a resident of an EU country to apply for certain funding. All nationalities are welcome; we can provide letters for visitors, but cannot make arrangements for visas. If you require a visa to visit Spain, we can provide you a letter for you to submit.