Robots and Arduino English


The Robotics and Arduino workshop will teach your kids the basics of working with the Arduino platform and sensors. (English Version)

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  • Construction of Arduino-Based Robots
  • Introduction to Arduino Programming
  • Sensors and electronics : Infrared, switched, Ultrasonic sensors, motors and servos
  • Practical examples of sensors and usage
  • Digital fabrication of additional parts (laser cutting)
  • Final presentation of customized robots and open house for parents


Robotics and Arduino

Ages: 12-17

Dates: June 28-July 2

Time: 10am-14:00

Cost: €199 (Includes Robotic Kit which students will keep)

Price includes the rental of a laptop for coding. If students provide their own Mac or PC laptop, this can be reduced from the final cost.

Location: Curiosibot Lab, Calle Denia 56, Ruzafa Valencia

Class Capacity: 12

COVID INFO: Mascarillas Requiridas, Gel, Purificador de Aire, Distancia Social